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Edition of magazine " Psychology. Perm "

The founder, the editor-in-chief
Koshevarov Evgeniy Nikolayevich

Tel: 8-902-83-133-73,
ICQ#: 352-865-718

Operational experience
2003-ՠ Edition of magazine " Psychology. Perm "
The founder, the editor-in-chief
         The organization of enterprise activity
         Conducting and the control of the accounting and tax reporting
         The control of activity of the organization over the current Legislation of the Russian Federation
         Selection and training of the personnel, the forecast of activity
         Formation of corporate culture of the organization
         Creation and "promotion" of a site in search systems of the Internet
         Formation of a brand of edition and its Idea
         The organization and carrying out of trainings, festivals, seminars
         Certificate POMTU PI 18-1712 from 16.03.2004.

2002-2004 Open Company Consulting firm "GARANT"
The assistant to the general director
         The organization of employment, selection of employees, revealing of business qualities, it is trained, the creative approach, diligences and so forth.
         Automation of document circulation of a different level of complexity
         Realization of the complex account of automation of the trading, warehouse, accounting and tax account at the average enterprises of the Perm area
         The organization of advertising campaigns on development of the organization with application of knowledge on psychology of attention, memory and so forth.

2005 Joint-Stock Company IPK "Zvezda", the newspaper "S"
The leader of a heading "Inspector"
         Definition of character of the person on handwriting

2004 Joint-Stock Company Scientific and technical center "Simos"
The engineer - programmer

2002 Open Company "1Servis"
The engineer - programmer

2001 Open Company "SoftIndustry"
The engineer - programmer
19951999 The Perm chemical - technological technical school
         Faculty: Programming
         Speciality: the Programmer (technology of development of the software)
20012007 The Leningrad state university
         Faculty: Psychologies and pedagogies
         Speciality: the psychologist - teacher, the psychologist - adviser
Service in the Russian army
         19992001 A brigade of protection (an army part 83420)
         Presence of communications with individual printed and electronic mass-media
         In 2005 the book Perception of color in advertising has left. Practical guidance with examples and comments
         The certificate 1S:Professional PB77025784 from 03.03.06.
         Presence of the rights of a category "B"
         The marital status - it is married